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for the quant section of the GMAT!

Why GMATH Prep Course ?

Real Math for the quantitative section of the GMAT

High-level preparation

Math depth & GMAT focus

Your working knowledge development is at least as important as practising shortcuts, back-solving, picking numbers and other useful GMAT-techniques.

Math maturity improvement

Objectivity & Dinamism

Flexibility, dinamism and confidence are subproducts of your maturity. Be able to solve high-level GMAT exam quant questions in "natural" ways!

Significant interaction

Respect & competence

There is only one man-in-charge: an 18-years experienced GMAT quant expert who developed each class and who alone answers your questions.

Learn when & where pleased

PC, Mac, Tablets & Mobile Phones

Our study platform is the perfect place for videos, exercises, Q&A databank, GMAT-like mocks and significative performance analysis graphics!

Prof. Fábio Skilnik

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.   (G. Orwell)

Fábio Skilnik is a mechanical engineer graduated at the Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo who worked with financial derivatives modeling using Mathematica. He decided to go back to academia and got his Masters in Pure Mathematics at the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística da Universidade de São Paulo. Right after that he was introduced to international math exams preps in 1,999 by his brother (Columbia MBA).  GMATH was founded in the next year.

Hundreds of brazilian students had excelled in their GMAT quant tests when Fabio decided to create the international (English-spoken) version of his online course.

Prof. Skilnik is a Quant Expert in the GMATClub and in the BeatTheGMAT forums.
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In the personal sphere, Fábio is Jewish and loves to walk with Nina, a maltese female dog and his office partner. He enjoys reading (Irvin Yalom, Oliver Sacks, Lawrence Block), chess, jazz (Ben Webster, Thelonious Monk) and classical music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your method 'for engineers' only?

Students with a strong quantitative background will feel comfortable quicker, but we have successfully taught our method to lawyers, business administrators, marketing professionals, etc. Seriousness and discipline for hard work ARE prerequisites, tough.

For how long will the course be available?

We offer 2,3,6 and 9-months study plans and "time extensions" for extra periods (15, 30 or 60 days). We believe that, in average, our study program (mocks included) can be properly studied in 2.5 months (with two or three 50min study sessions per week).

Is your method going to do for me?

The answer lies in your response to these two questions:
1. Do you want to get rid of the test with an acceptable grade or are you willing to deepen your knowledge to get an excellent result?
2. Are you in the 'lazy mood' (GMAT measures nothing...) or have accepted the strong correlation between competence and grades?

In practical terms, how does the course work?

The powerful GMATH method is carefully explained through 91 well-crafted videos, based on representative GMAT-like exercises. There are 638 backbone exercises (20 per class and 238 in mocks).
Extra problems (most of them really challenging) are added (in the public area) on a weekly basis: 187 until 12/Apr/19.

Will I need other materials to complement your course for the quant section of the test?

After completing our course, practice extra problems on the topics you need reinforcement using the two most famous GMAT forums. A few additional Official GMAT mocks may be useful. That´s all.

May I have a free-trial?

Sure! Our test-drive covers the first 4 classes and the first mock, so that you will be sure whether our method and outstanding study platform meet all your needs! An e-mail address is all it takes for the free trial. Give us a vote of confidence... and surprise yourself!


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